T2 Technologies has spent decades serving business, government, and IP markets.... a few years back, we had a crazy idea! What if we created tech co-ops at prime medical, business, or government campuses across our markets? Well...we tried it and it worked! So ask yourself....

What if you and your neighbors could band together to purchase services for

One, big, fat volume discount?

Once we’ve deployed on your campus:

  • We offer Redundant, monitored Internet and traffic prioritization - making network management a breeze!
  • You can use your existing equipment or buy ours new at zero percent markup!
  • We can host or backup your EMR, documents, images, and files at our secure, local colocation facility at significant discounts only available to on-campus Participants!

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to see if your building has or is eligible for this service!

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Sample campus packages:

4 Lines of VoIP Service, Redundant Monitored IP with EMR Prioritization, IVR and VM to EM - $324 /Mo

3 Lines of VoIP Service + Redundant Monitored IP (With EMR Prioritization) + IVR & VM to EM & 1 Analog Fax Line w/consolidated billing from your analog carrier - $349/MO

Consolidated billing for all carriers at 10% of regulated services!

Hosted corporate email, Offsite synch and back-up, IT Support, PBX or Server Virtualization - BY (very competitive) QUOTE!

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