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Welcome to T2 Technologies, - Part of your technology team!

T2 Technologies has been providing customized Voice, Data and Internet Solutions to Business, Government, and IP Markets since the mid-1990s. We pride ourselves on our can-do attitude, knowledgeable staff, and Stellar Customer Service, provided 24 X 7 / 365. We ensure that the support staff assigned to every customer knows and understands each customer location and each location’s individual service profile comprehensively....

Our Services

  • Voice

    Converting to T2’s voice services can result in a staggering savings off your current invoices! Not only that – you will have the pleasure of dealing with our results-focused staff instead of the often cantankerous representatives you encounter at the “Big Companies”. T2’s services include high-end, customized VoIP solutions, SIP hand-off to your existing system, analog hand-off to your existing system and PRIs in most markets across the US.

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  • Data

    All of T2’s data products are monitored by our 24X7 NOC, and proactive notifications are available for any personnel deemed appropriate. We offer both phone support and email support for any ticketing issues. Since connection-types vary, we determine what is both price-appropriate and service-appropriate and customize the connection for your location. For example, coaxial cable service is sometimes cheap and fast, but we always can’t have cheap, fast, AND...

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  • Smart Tech Team

    As businesses do more and more with technology, it seems that rather than simplifying or stratifying operations, technology frustrates users and staff. T2’s Smart Tech Team leverages the relationships we have built over the last decades to ensure that... no matter the challenge ... we’ll bring in the team that can solve it. From security, to networking equipment, to servers and systems, cloud applications and back-up, on-site or remote support...

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T2 Technologies Features


Prices that are up to 70% off of the traditional large telco or datacom companies – click here to initiate your own mini-audit.

T2’s billing consolidation

T2’s billing consolidation plans mean only need to pay one invoice! No more trying to keep ahead of the deluge of bills, contracts, and service changes. We manage the entire plethora of carrier requirements you need to have to keep your company ahead of...

T2’s approach

T2’s approach to customer service is a refreshing and welcome experience! One bill (we even consolidate invoices for other carriers if appropriate), one number to call (and we don’t make you give DNA samples before talking to one of our knowledgeable reps), one email interface...

24 / 7 Support

T2’s staff is hard at work around the clock! Imagine, a fiber cut in your business park over the weekend. Your neighbors aren’t even aware of the issue until Monday morning.... our staff has already been working on a remedy for your company, and your...

What Clients Say

Some valuable words from our loving and ever growing customers

Major Medical Services Provider

The new circuit at the clinic is working great. I can't believe you pulled that off in 21 days, that has to be a new record. Thank you very much for pulling those strings and getting everything turned on in such a very short window. T2 Technologies did a Fantastic Job!

Defense Department Liaison

Thanks for all that your folks have done to make this happen. Your efforts, as well as progress reporting, has been the best I have witnessed since I came to this liaison position at 12 years ago. It is indeed comforting to know there are still professionals such as you and your company with a total commitment to supporting your customers.

Industry Non-Profit

We have appreciated T2's professionalism, timeliness, and communication. The thorough work on the audit highlighted the myriad of mistakes made over the years by our carriers! The credits due back to us from our providers go straight to the bottom line of my telecommunications budget, so I personally appreciate and admire the attention to detail. The inventory service you provided allowed us to determine that the lines we are paying for are actually what we have!"

Telecommunications Carrier

Good job to T2! You saved our bacon by getting your work done in hours - our previous carrier had the order for 4 weeks and didn't get as far as you did in 4 hours!