SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are for those customers that manage their own soft-switch or would like to utilize a legacy PBX or Key System. With this product we simply deliver in/outbound SIP voice calling through the Internet with no features provided. If you are trying to squeeze a few more miles out of that old analog phone system, we have special routers available that can convert the SIP signal and hand-off ANALOG phone lines that can be plugged into your existing equipment. Technologically speaking, your best bet is to actually purchase and install new phones that are specifically designed for use with VoIP in order to take true advantage of the power of this technology.

Another great thing about SIP Trunks is that you can purchase phone numbers from other geographical areas and have them routed directly into your location as a local call. So, if you have been itching to have a presence in LA, NYC, Miami, and Dallas, but don't have the resources to open 4 new offices… This is the product for you!

There is however one caveat… We require Dedicated Internet Access to run all of our VoIP products and will under no circumstances provision our VoIP services over a DSL or Cable Modem. We have found these technologies unsuitable for quality VoIP delivery and cause a great deal of havoc during troubleshooting procedures. Due to this restriction, we have priced our Internet Service at some of the lowest rates in the country to insure that we deliver extremely cost effective solutions!