Multi-Service DOD Operation

I wanted to let you know of the exemplary help by members of the T2 staff during the last three years. Your team has worked with us and other federal agencies, on several issues: internet service, contracting, telecommunications, and Primary Interexchange Carrier (PIC) Codes to ensure the problems were corrected at my location. I am so grateful for your expertise, patience and perseverance in helping me resolve the above issues. You undoubtedly care about customers. Because you have done such great job, I want to let you know how impressed I am. The caliber of people you hire and their commitment to customer service is extremely important and has done nothing but help us fulfill our own mission....I have no hesitation in recommending your company to others. Thanks again!

Defense Department Liaison

Thanks for all that your folks have done to make this happen. Your efforts, as well as progress reporting, has been the best I have witnessed since I came to this liaison position at 12 years ago. It is indeed comforting to know there are still professionals such as you and your company with a total commitment to supporting your customers.

Major Medical Services Provider

The new T1 circuit at the clinic is working great. I can't believe you pulled that off in 21 days, that has to be a new record. Thank you very much for pulling those strings and getting everything turned on in such a very short window.

T2 Technologies did a Fantastic Job!

Defense Department Contractor

As always, thank you for your prompt, professional, support and attention!!
You always exceed our expectations.

It was my pleasure to work with T2 Technologies tonight with the cut-over of our commercial PRI trunks. T2 "ran" the conference loop and directed several people involved in the testing and troubleshooting (approx 7 by my count). They did this with ease, always making sure everyone was on point with what we were trying and why - also listening and asking for suggestions from everyone, while making sure not to "step on any toes".

I have been working in comm since 1984 both military and civilian, and have never seen anyone do this so smoothly. For sure, tonight's troubleshooting would not have gone as well and there would have been too much "finger-pointing" to make for a successful conclusion - with T2's guidance, we were able to avoid that. Our circuits are up, albeit in an unusual configuration, but up and working nonetheless. I would be happy to work with T2 any time in the future."

Department of Defense

I would like to extend my thanks to the team of T2 technicians. I was recently troubleshooting one of our chronic issue circuits and required assistance from T2 Technologies. During this process, your team went above and beyond coordinating these troubleshooting efforts. The testers also seemed to do a great job by thoroughly testing all loopable devices and running all possible test patterns to them. The support that was given was great and it made us feel like your company was trying to take good care of us. We are thankful that you understand the importance of the work we do here and more importantly the actual service that is being provided to our DoD customers. You set the standard for what we need from all our commercial carriers across the United States.

Please extend this thanks to your staff of professionals. Thank you on behalf of the United States Departent of Defense.

Major Agricultural Company

"Your services made the difficult task of switching telecom providers much easier and we appreciate the effort made with Qwest on our behalf." "I would wholeheartedly recommend T2 to other companies that are in need of the services that you provide. Everyone, that I dealt with at T2, was prompt, courteous and competent. I never felt misled and if you didn't have the answers that I needed, you didn't "shoot from the hip" as has been my experience with other companies. In short, T2 did what they said they would do."

Industry Non-Profit

"We have appreciated T2's professionalism, timeliness, and communication." "The thorough work on the audit highlighted the myriad of mistakes made over the years by our carriers! The credits due back to us from our providers go straight to the bottom line of my telecommunications budget, so I personally appreciate and admire the attention to detail." "The inventory service you provided allowed us to determine that the lines we are paying for are actually what we have!"

Real Estate and Railroad Consortium

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with T2 Technologies and all its employees. Yours is a top notch organization that has saved us thousands of dollars." "In September, you were involved in a conversion at our headquarters. We swapped out some antiquated Centrex Prime lines with some state-of-the-art T-1 circuits… Your company is a great vendor, and all of the T2 team is pleasant to work with!"

Manufacturing Company

Needless to say, I am delighted with the savings and the higher level of service we will receive. It means a lot to me to know that I am receiving the lowest possible cost solution with the best possible service."

Fortune 100 Oil Company

"Nothing feels better than to take over a new position and make a decision that results in thousands of dollars of savings for the company. Without your audit we would have continued paying for un-utilized services and erroneous long distance charges." "I'd be happy to recommend you to any of our other offices or anyone else for that matter. Nice doing business with you."

Insurance Call Center

"It has been a little over 6 years since our company began doing business with T2 Technologies. I cannot begin to tell you what a lifesaver your company has been. Let me refresh your memory of some major projects we have tackled:

Besides being critical to our growth, each of the projects went off without a hitch--something that statistically shouts T2 Technologies does great work!" "Bottom line: Working with T2 Technologies is better than having my own telecom staff."

Development Company

"Opening a new office building requires a great deal of coordination and attention to detail. We were very thankful for having you and T2 there to manage the telecommunications portion of the project." "Moreover, we were especially impressed with T2's ability to ensure that the building's facilities were in place according to our time lines. I know T2 was brought in a little late to the project and you were still able to bring everything we needed together." T2's team is professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend T2 Technologies to any developer or building owner looking for a reliable resource for telecommunications expertise, services or project management."

Government Authority

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the recent service that was rendered by yourself and T2 Technologies. We recently relocated our entire operation and required that all of our voice and data lines be disconnected at our old location and reconnected at our new facility. With all of the tasks involved in a corporate move, it was a genuine pleasure not to have to worry about telecommunications services. Not only did T2 handle all of the move details, you evaluated our existing services and the needs of our business and recommend a better network solution for our organization. Your continued follow-up with post installation details has ensured that our company's telecommunications continue to operate efficiently and effortlessly." "…and we would be pleased to act as a reference for your present and future customers.

Government Authority

"Thanks for all your help. I couldn't do it without you."

Manufacturing Company

T2 Technologies provides the best customer service I have ever experienced. Not only have they handled our long distance incredibly, but they also serve as our interface for all local services. We no longer have three different people to call when there is a problem. We call T2 and that's it!" "I give T2 Technologies my very highest recommendation for all your communication needs!"

Division of a Fortune 100 Company

"I cannot express sufficiently my gratitude to you for all your dedication and enthusiasm in helping us get our communications infrastructure in place and operational. Not only do you fully understand the technical aspects of the telecommunications industry, you take a personal interest in making your customers happy. From conceptualization to execution, my colleagues and I are always able to count on your contributions to helping us get the job done. You are definitely part of our team."

Real Estate Holding Company

"You will never realize how much I appreciate all you have done for my various companies over the last few years." "I am constantly amazed at the prompt, professional and extremely capable service that T2 Technologies and you personally provide your clients."

Telecommunications Carrier

Good job to T2! You saved our bacon by getting your work done in hours - our previous carrier had the order for 4 weeks and didn't get as far as you did in 4 hours!

System Integrator

Both spans came up in "plug & play" mode…I have never had such an easy implementation of T-1 circuits in all my life (and I'm not that young anymore). Thanks to all involved for a refreshing experience…