Dedicated Internet

T2 offers many different flavors of DIA or Dedicated Internet Access across one of the most expansive footprints in the US. With over 16000 "lit" buildings, and the ability to reach over 4 million additional business addresses with our 3-15Mbps EoC (Ethernet over Copper) Dedicated Internet product (not to mention the tens of millions of addresses in our T-1 green zone), it is very likely that we can deliver high quality, low cost DIA to your company.

Here are a couple of important notes about T2's DIA products:

Green Zone Dedicated Internet Pricing Examples*

T-1 $299.00 per month
3 mbps $450.00 per month
5 mbps $550.00 per month
10 mbps $750.00 per month
20 mbps $1350.00 per month

*Some restrictions may apply