About T2

We founded T2 Technologies in 1995 because of a belief that customers were yearning for something better than what "the carriers" were providing. As much as the industry has changed since 1995, the same basic conditions exist. Most carriers seem to care little about customer expectations or bill accuracy; rarely does a carrier provide detailed and knowledgeable assistance on the first call, much less troubleshooting with a smile. Our mission, still today, is to exceed customer expectations by out-manuevering and out-hustling any of our competition…and all of this attention to detail and service is provided at prices that will make your jaw drop.

Speaking of pricing… Our model is simple; We buy at aggressively negotiated wholesale rates, apply a modest markup and pass the savings on to our customers. We don't spend 1000's of dollars a day in advertising and we don't have folks sitting around wasting recourses. In a nutshell, we are lean and mean and deliver a true value to our customers.

T2 has served customers from Topeka to Tai Pei, and from the Federal Aviation Administration, the DOD Inspector General, as well as multiple United States Military Bases, to the flower shop down the street. We can always find ways to reduce network expenses and improve network efficiency.

Want to know more? Call 303-762-1100 to speak to one of our courteous, skilled, knowledgeable, no pressure communications consultants.